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The staff team is divided into 3 main brackets, which, in turn have a variety of subroles. A break down of this system can be found below:



Admins are the highest bracket in the team and are normally in-charge of a team or project. It is very unlikely that two admins will share the same subrole as they each do a different thing, if you want to know what a particular admin does, please check the link at the top of this page.


Game Team


The game team is the heart of what we do here, dealing with everything from asset creation to development. This is the largest staff bracket. Some subroles have been listed below:

Asset Creator: Draws artwork for our projects and/or creates musical elements for projects.

Support: Assists people with their questions and concerns about projects. The go-to people if you have any questions.

Developer: Writes code, builds games and deals with making things work.

Writer: Writes overall storylines and helps with implementation into games.



The moderation bracket is here to keep everyone safe and maintain a healthy environment where people can feel confident and interact with our community. This team only has two subroles as of right now.


Moderator: A fully qualified moderator, capable of inflicting any sanction onto any user to enforce our rules. 

Junior Moderator: Someone who is training to become a moderator and has not yet been given full access to all moderative commands.